Founders note

Good to see you here

Hey there, it’s great to meet you! I’m a dedicated sales and marketing professional with a passion for tech and all things digital. With over six years of experience under my belt in the B2B sales domain, I’ve cut my teeth in industries as diverse as finance and software. A proud alumnus of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I’m armed with a degree in Marketing & Sales and an insatiable curiosity to keep up with the latest trends and tools in the industry.


How did it start?

My journey into entrepreneurship was born out of a desire to solve the glaring problems I noticed in various companies I worked with – a lack of automation and digitalisation in sales teams. It was this gap, coupled with my love for innovative solutions and data analysis, that led me to start my own venture. I’m here to make life easier for companies by streamlining their sales process, using the power of automation tools, AI and business intelligence. In a nutshell, I provide Revenue Operations Service.


Now, here’s a fun story for you. Picture me back in primary school, a young kid with a head for business. I managed to win a lot of marbles in the popular game of Puggy. Seeing the interest from those less fortunate in their marble collections, I saw a business opportunity. I loaned out my marbles to them, in return for a cut of their winnings. I took the risk, they got a chance to play – a win-win situation! This early adventure was a taste of the entrepreneurial life for me. It taught me about risk, reward, and the power of negotiation.


My work ethics

In my approach to work, I bring in a good dose of perseverance, high energy, assertiveness, and a knack for technology. But when I’m not optimizing sales processes or increasing revenue for businesses, you might find me creating techno music or sweating it out at the gym. I’m a lifelong learner, always searching for new knowledge on the internet, taking courses, and occasionally diving into a good book.


When you choose to work with me, you’re signing up for a strategic partnership that goes beyond a mere client-service provider relationship. My goal is to help your business grow and operate in a more optimized way. I’m committed to learning from any bumps along the road, refining our approach to offer you an even better service. So, are you ready to embark on this journey of growth and transformation together?


P.S. I’m a huge coffee enthusiast! If our meeting could be over a cup of fresh brew, that would make my day.



Book a call right away

Book a discovery call whenever fits your schedule. This will be a 15 to max 30 minutes call where we discuss your proposition and obstacles you want to overcome.